About ArosOpen

ArosOpen is the annual weekend where model kit builders from Denmark and abroad meet up in Aarhus, to build together, enjoy their model freindship, and eventually compete with each other about who made the best model during the year.

ArosOpen is therefore divided into two Parts:

  1. Saturday where model builders and model-building clubs, that have invested in building tables, come and build all day and evening, only interrupted by dinner.
  2. Sunday where the event is open for spectators from 10 am to 17 pm, with free admission. At 10.30 am the competition commences, where all the models, in about 20 different clases, will be assesed by qualified judges, from all over denmark, all apointed by ArosOpen. There are no judges from Århus model bulding club. The competition is expected to end at 16 pm, where the prize ceremony will commence. 

The models include both military and civillian ships, aircraft and vehicles, science-fiction models and characters.

During the event, there will be shops from professionnel vendors shown below :