About ArosOpen

ArosOpen is the annual weekend where model kit builders from Denmark and abroad meet up in Aarhus, to build together, enjoy their model freindship, and eventually compete with each other about who made the best model during the year.

ArosOpen is therefore divided into two Parts:

  1. Saturday where model builders and model-building clubs, that have invested in building tables, come and build all day and evening, only interrupted by dinner.
  2. Sunday where the event is open for spectators from 10 am to 17 pm, with free admission. At 10.30 am the competition commences, where all the models, in about 20 different clases, will be assesed by qualified judges, from all over denmark, all apointed by ArosOpen. There are no judges from Århus model bulding club. The competition is expected to end at 16 pm, where the prize ceremony will commence. 

The models include both military and civillian ships, aircraft and vehicles, science-fiction models and characters.

During the event, there will be shops from professionnel vendors shown below : 


9/9 – 2023  Saturday

Kl. 09.00 – 16.00  ArosOpen opens, Arrivals and Check-in.

Kl. 12.00 – 16.00  Setting up models in the exhibition hall

Kl. 16.00  Lecture

           (Info later)

Kl. 18.00 Gala dinner (The price is DKK 170 per person. Advance registration and payment is a prerequisite)

Kl. 20.00  Lecture

            (Info later)

10/9 – 2023  Sunday 

Kl. 08.00     Breakfast. The price for breakfast on Sunday is DKK 50 per person. Advance registration and payment is a prerequisite.

Kl. 08.00 – 10.30  Arrival, Check-in and setting up models in the exhibition hall. The set-up must be completed before 10.30

Kl. 10.00  The exhibition opens to the public. Both professional dealers and private individuals open their sales stands, and it is now possible to visit working model builders.

Kl. 11.00  The judging panel is embarking on the great work of finding the best models.

Kl. 16.00 Prize giving.

Kl. 17.00  ArosOpen 2023 ends.

NB. It is not required to participate in Saturday’s program in order to participate in Sunday’s model competition.


It is possible to stay overnight at the school in a shared dormitory. The price for accommodation is Kr. 50 pr. person. You must bring your own sleeping pad / air mattress and sleeping bag / duvet

Sunday morning there is breakfast together at the school. The price is DKK 50 per. person.

Advance registration and payment is a prerequisite.

Rules for ArosOpen


  1.  It is not allowed to run indoors
  2.  Dogs and other pets are not allowed
  3.  Smaller children must be accompanied by an adult
  4.  It is not allowed to bring bags into the exhibition   area – that includes camera   bags and rucksacks.
  5.  Smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes are not   allowed on Strandskolens area.  Smoking is allowed  in the parking lot at the main entrance.
  6.  In case of Covid rules in place, these must be  followed

Competition rules

  1. For a class to be judged, there must be at least 4 participants. Are there fewer than 4, the models will be moved to the Miscellaneous class.
  2. Models that have been awarded previously at AROS Open are not allowed to be entered again.
  3. If models in classes A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J and K are entered on a non-neutral base, then only the model will be judged, not the base.
  4. AROS reserve the right to reject models from the competition, if we believe it violate the spirit of AROS

Judging instructions


  • Read the description of the model, if supplied
  • Judges in the same class are encouraged to discuss the models, as there can be details that you don’t notice. Two pair of eyes are better than one.

Construction quality

  • Asses the quality of the model’s joints, symmetry and quality of work with photoetch. Good quality could for instance be even joints and absence of sanding marks.

Finishing quality

  •  Asses the quality of the model’s basic paint work, is applicable also weathering and decal work. Good quality could for instance be even paint coats, weathering is not under- or overdone, decals are placed correctly and symmetrically, and no silvering is present.


  • Judged from personal experience and includes a judgement of the techniques used, both in construction and finishing. 


  • Asses if the model is on or in the landscape, if it is in agreement with the scale, if the diorama tells a story and finally if the scene is natural: Do the figures have a natural pose, is the overall impression true to nature and is the story the diorama tell clear.


  • Masterclass is a class where the modeler have the opportunity to document his model to show how close to reality he is. The modeler choose the level of documentation he wishes to supply. Masterclass is – apart from the special and theme classes – the only class where a model is judged on it’s authenticity. Documentation must be maximum in a A4-format size, but it is allowed to supply more pages if they are stacked. In Masterclass the judges start out with assessing if there is agreement between the model and the supplied documentation. Only models that display this agreement will be subjected to the final judgement. The final judgement is done with the same criteria as in the other classes.


  • It is important to fill out the form completely. Even a 4th, 5th or 6th place can be determining for which model win in the end.

Classes for ArosOpen 2022

A:                        Military vehicles in 1/35 or bigger, before 1946.

B:                        Military vehicles in 1/35 or bigger, before 1946 – Axis

C:                        Military vehicles in 1/35 or bigger, from 1946 and onwards

D:                        Military vehicles in 1/72 or 1/48

E:                         Military vehicles in diorama, all scales

F:                        Military equipment all scales.

G:                         Aircrafts in 1/72 or smaller

H:                         Aircrafts in 1/48, before 1946

I:                         Aircrafts in 1/48, 1946 and onwards

J:                          Aircrafts in 1/35 or larger

K:                         Civilian aircrafts, all scales

L:                         Aircrafts in diorama, all scales

M:                        Figures

N:                        Busts

O:                         Figures in diorama

P:                        Civilian vehicles in 1/35 or bigger

Q:                      Civilian vehicles smaller than 1/35

R:                        Civilian trucks in 1/35 or bigger

S:                      Civilian trucks smaller than 1/35

T:                         Ships with or without diorama

U:                         Junior

V:                        Miscellaneous (outside category)

X:                         Sci-fi/fantasy

Y:                       Theme class Vietnam 1955-75

Z:                        Masterclass. (The model is judged not only from a build quality standpoint. It must be documented, and the judgement also include the supplied documentation. Documentation must be at a maximum A4-format, regardless of the number of pages).

Æ:                        Special class – Danish Military Vehicles – Sponsored by Kjeld Pedersen

Ø:                        Special class – Danish Militay Aircrafts – Sponsored by Harvard DanmarkF